Water Safety Community Day 2019

Tauranga Swim School Water Safety Day! What an awesome Day and an awesome turnout. Seeing people gain more skills having more confidence in the water and overcoming some major fears was what the day was all about and we have successfully achieved that for all those who attended!

Thank you to everyone who supported this day and gave up their time and skills. You we’re all awesome and your contribution is what made the day so successful so a very big thank you!

The Water Safety Community Day has something for everyone!

  • Life Saving Swim Skills
  • Amazing Race
  • Sail & Kayak
  • Dive Rescue Presentation
  • Dry Land Activities
  • Live DJ
  • Food Carts
  • Raffles
  • Spot Prizes

Come and have a go! It’s Free!
Prepare for a safe summer.

Raffles, prizes, lolly scramble, food, coffee and ice-cream carts. The Amazing Race! Sailboats, kayaks and deep water rescue demonstrations!

Day Program

8.00 am


To compete in the amazing race you must complete all water safety rotations.

8.30 am


Outline of the day and Housekeeping/Rules.

8.45 am


  1. Floating
  2. Reach Rescue
  3. Life Jackets/Travel
  4. Distance Swim
  5. Dry land activities/talk

11.00 am

Amazing Race

Teams competing against each other from the initiatives from the Rotation activities.

12.00 pm

Sail/Kayak - Man overboard

The Young Mariners/Waimarino team demonstrates water safety when out on the water. And you’ll have the opportunity to use the boats in the water and practice a rescue when falling out.

1.15 pm

In water Rescue Presentation

Toi Oho Mai Marine Students demonstrating what is involved with a deep dive rescue.

1.45 pm

Lolly Scramble and Prize Giving

Prizegiving for the amazing race and lolly scramble for the kids.

2.00 pm

Day Ends

Enjoy your summer with having achieved greater confidence in and around the water.

Description of the Rotation Events

Finding and using equipment that is going to assist you to float in deep water while rescuers are on their way to save you. Learning to take clothes off in the water.

Reach Rescue

Finding different items to achieve a reach rescue i.e.: noodles, rope, towels etc.

Dry land activates/talk

Looking at signs, pictures of rips, colouring in, information, resources.

Distance Swim

25 metre, 50 metre, 100 metre, 200 metre, 500 metre swimming any stroke, you want without stopping.

Life Vests/Travel

Teaching people to fit life vests correctly. How to jump into the water from a great height safely using a pin drop. How to stay together as a group, stay warm and travel together as a group.


This event is made possible thanks to the support of following awesome companies.

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